Every year the CBSE board will be organizing exams in all over India. As usually this year also they have conducted CBSE 2016 12th and 10th class Examination and going to announce the CBSE  Results 2016. Click on the link which is mentioned below to know more Information on CBSE 10th and 12th Results 2016.

CBSE results 2016

I know many of you are quite worried about your results. Forget being worried you guy's must be scared as shit. Same had gone through me and many other students who had appeared for this so called board exams. Your class 10 and 12 exams are a very important part of your academic and educational career but trust me it’s not the end. You will get many more chances to prove yourself later on in life. But, marking my words a bit too seriously don't take your 10 and 12 lightly. As they say ...... the earlier you start the earlier you succeed. So in order to do good later in your loved field you must start clearing up your concepts beforehand. And there is no place better to experiment than in your class 10. This is the point of time in your life where you decide:
      What is that thing you like doing?
2.       What is it you want to do the rest of your life?
This is very important as it is seen that often students tend to take the wrong stream either because their parents want them to join that stream or because many of their friends might have gone to that stream. I have seen many who has done the same mistake and later on regretted their whole life since that very auspicious day they selected their stream.

So!! Here is a humble request to all those new angels who are still planning to join a stream just because of their parent’s pressure or just to be with their friend ….. Trust me no one’s views or fear is as much important as your dream, your happiness. And when I say this, trust me ….. I have seen people or in fact my friends who took the stream they wanted to ….get more successful in life than those who just took up a stream just because of someone else’s sake. Thus, in the end conclusion for my little friends who have just appeared for their class 10 exams and are really getting anxious and worried about the results just take a deep breath and say “It is not the end of the world…. I will do something with my life.” Remember if you have faith in yourself you will always see a path in the hardest of times. Also choose the stream you want to take only after thinking about it and asking yourself what can you achieve, what is that thing that you will never get bored and lastly is it worth it. You will get all the answers.

Hence, I believe since you all are well matured enough, you can figure out which stream you want to choose all by yourself. Everybody has a good friend nowadays….. GOOGLE. Just explore a bit!!!!!
Now, let us look into the young minds who have appeared for their CBSE class 12 exams or other board examinations. Man!!! You guys must be so scared ….. :D It is really funny once you remember how scared you were back during you class 12 boards once you have gone mid-way through the hardships of engineering or medical degree courses. The guys in colleges pretty well understand my lines if not for you guys. So here is my advice to you guys like to the rest of your junior lot. Learn about the different carrier lines in your respective streams like arts, science or commerce and only then select a certain career path. I say this as I don’t want more young minds to feel all frustrated later on like the 67% of students who pursue something just for other’s sake. Many of you guys must have also given various competitive exams and must have seen how much competition there is in that outside world so ….. A very important point until and unless you really trust yourself that you can excel in that branch and that your love towards that thing will always stay the same than just go for it be it any career line. Because then you are only looking for excellence in your path.

Now, let us get into some details of CBSE 10th, 12th results for which you all have been waiting so desperately. You all are very familiar about your CBSE board so I won’t make much effort to talk to you about the same thing you know already. However, I can give you some sort of information about some little things that will give you hope and inspiration in these hard times.
This is the table of the overall pass percentage of the number of students appearing for class 10th and 12th CBSE board exams, and by the looks of it, it does not seem that bad.

Rest if you want to know about the 2016 class 10th and 12th CBSE results, fear not!! CBSE has also been working on that, they are building a site. just for you where you can enter your name and roll number and VOILA!!! You have your results.
And for those of you who feel lazy to go and check your results even online. Fear not… we have something for you too. Just use your phone to type and send the following details as given below to get your results via SMS/text. You see life is so simple………!!!
·         Send CBSE 10th Roll No. 57766 For BSNL Users
·         Send CBSE 10th Roll No. 55232 for Airtel Users
·         Send CBSE 10th Roll No. 55232 for Vodafone Users
·         Send CBSE 10th Roll No. 55232 for Reliance Users
·         Send CBSE 10th Roll No. 55232 for Idea Users
·         Send CBSE 10th Roll No. 55232 for Aircel Users
Also, the dates that your CBSE results 2016 might hit the online world may be by the 27th of May or near about then. So you guys still have a few days to chill and relax and do keep a watch on the official site.________

So, that is all Folks, All the BEST for your results and your coming future and make yourself count by doing what you want in life.
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